How to choose an online casino

Hundreds of online casinos now grace the web, and it can be a hard task picking out the wheat from the chaff. Armed with a few simple pieces of knowledge on what to look for, this task can be made infinitely easier.First, it is important to pick a casino that is trustworthy. No one wants to play somewhere where they might lose their hard earned money. Simply checking to see if the casino is licensed and under the jurisdiction of a gaming authority is the first step. To be legal a casino needs to be licensed and being governed by a third party means that they will undergo regular checks and audits to ensure that they are maintaining gaming fairness, providing secure and safe payment options, and generally looking after their customers well.The software providers and payment companies used will also give a clear indication of whether the casino can be trusted. Well known providers for games such IGT and Playtech also undergo stringent checks, and gamers can rest easy knowing that the games they are playing are truly random. Likewise with payment options. Casinos using a globally recognized company such as PayPal will inspire much more trust.