US Online Casinos vs European Online Casinos

Online gambling in the United States or continental Europe should not be very different. After all, gambling is gambling, right? The answer to the question is, unfortunately, a big no.

No Online Gambling In The States

The United States is often referred to as the home of the brave and the free. When it comes to online gambling, the freedom one associates with the world’s oldest democracy goes out the window. The rules are strict and the regulations tight for service providers. One large phrase stands in the way – Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act – that was introduced in 2006. There is a better chance at cracking the Rubik’s cube than for an online casino to entertain US citizens. Apart from the legal angle, there is a social angle as well. Gambling is looked down upon as a pastime. Yes, there are the guys’ poker nights and a few other casual groups, but any other form of gambling is considered a vice. This continued social disapproval has allowed lawmakers and politicians to direct online gambling to an isolated corner.

No Such Problem In Europe

In the UK especially, gambling enthusiasts can easily log on to the site of their choice and indulge in their card games. The sector is regulated and there are sites that provide players with a safe and secure experience. One reason why online gambling is more welcome in Europe is because of the culture and societal norms that accepts it as a part of our lives. People do not view the activity as a vice, rather as a pleasant and entertaining hobby. This has allowed online casinos to thrive and offer their patrons some stellar offerings. Competition is tough in the industry, which only serves to allow the player to pick and choose from the very best gaming experiences.